Is your community physically literate?

Just like reading and writing, children have to learn to move. Communities across Canada have expressed a growing interest in the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) movement, which is developing physical literacy and improving the quality of sport for everyone. With a goal of developing Canadian communities that are physically literate and active for life, CS4L is responding by moving beyond a sport organization focus to explore strategies to support, engage and connect communities in their efforts to apply CS4L as a tool for community development.

What does a CS4L Community look like? It links sport, education, recreation and health, and aligns with provincial and national programming.  Recognizing that a community is the first place everyone experiences physical activity and sport, CS4L provides the framework to ensure these experiences are positive, and sets the stage for a lifelong relationship with physical activity. More information about the Community Connections Project, including success stories, is available here.

CS4L has partnered with RBC and ParticipACTION to engage more communities across Canada.  On February 18th, an RBC Learn to Play introductory webinar will provide details on RBC Learn to Play Program Grants and Community Grants and will explain the grant criteria, eligibility and application process. More information on the webinar and grant process available here.  

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