How Kamloops Engages the Entire Community in Food Security Programs

This PlanH short video highlights the important work being done by the Kamloops Food Policy Council (KFPC).  They engage the entire community around social, environmental and economic issues through food security programs, policies and partnerships. The KFPC was one of the very first food policy councils in Canada and boasts an impressive roster of programs, including community gardens, Farm to School BC, the Gleaning Abundance Project, and community kitchens.

Food security and healthy eating are integral supports of social, physical, and mental well-being at all ages and stages of life.  They also contribute to the overall health of individuals, families, and communities.  Food security at the community level is when all citizens obtain a safe, personally acceptable, nutritious diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes healthy choices, community self-reliance, and equal access for everyone. Food security is vital to the health and well-being of a community and is the foundation for healthy eating.

Video credit:  Andrew Nguyen of Lemongrass Films

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