How the Comox Valley Made Active Travel the New Normal with Collaborative School Travel Planning

This PlanH short video showcases the amazing work being done around the Collaborative School Travel Planning initiative in the Comox Valley. This initiative supports families to consistently choose active transportation in the Comox Valley by influencing the design of the built environment. Many diverse community partners are all working towards the same goal: to make active transportation the new normal. Active transportation improves both the natural and built environments by decreasing congestion and improving air quality, but also leads to better mental and physical health and school performance for children. The health benefits of these learned active transportation skills, habits, and values last a lifetime.

Safe routes to school increase the number of children walking, cycling, skateboarding and riding scooters. The benefits of active transportation are felt by people of all ages. Families enjoy increased physical and mental health, greater social connectedness and an environment with less pollution from cars. These learned active transportation skills, habits, and values last a lifetime. 

Video credit: Andrew Nguyen of Lemongrass Films

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