On-demand Webinar: Emergency Food Response: Developing a Framework for Action

The past few years have seen B.C. endure an accelerated and diverse range of emergencies, including fire, flood, heat, extreme cold and COVID-19, with more anticipated to arrive in the face of the compounding forces of accelerated climate change. To prepare for these oncoming challenges, local and Indigenous governments, and those community agencies, health authorities and other levels of government that support them, are looking for tools to help improve their emergency food responses and to ensure that their interventions reach those in their communities who are most in need of resources in such difficult times.

To meet the need for tools that address this unique challenge, BC Healthy Communities, along with consultant Claire Gram, is working to develop an action framework to help guide emergency food planning and response.

To address this unique challenge, on April 28, BC Healthy Communities will host Emergency Food Response: Developing a Framework for Action, an hour-long webinar to present a draft framework for equitable emergency food planning action to local and Indigenous government decision-makers. Post-webinar, attendees are invited to stay for additional time to ask questions that will help guide the further development of the resource, for final release later this year.

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