On-demand Webinar: Creating Healthy Public Policy Series– Navigating the Public Policy Pathway

The Local Government Leaders Speaker Series on Creating Healthy Public Policy is supported by PlanH, a collaboration between BC Healthy Communities Society and the BC Ministry of Health.

Navigating the Public Policy Pathway is a webinar delivered in partnership with the National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy.  This session provides insights and tools for those who are creating or influencing public policies within their community. Navigating how to change or influence policy can seem like a daunting task and this conversation is designed to help you and your team better understand the pathway to creating healthier public policies as well as provide tools to assist in the process. 

Along with a navigational policy tool, you will find examples of indicators that can be used to measure the effectiveness of policy changes. This webinar is for individuals and/or organizations who are engaged in research, policy analysis, or inquiry and are looking to advocate for policy changes that work toward creating healthier communities.

View the recorded event here

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