UBCM Community Excellence Awards program

The UBCM Community Excellence Awards program is an opportunity to showcase municipalities and regional districts that “lead the pack”, take risks to innovate, establish new partnerships, question established ways of doing business and pioneer new customer service practices. The program recognizes ideas that rise above challenges with vision, creativity and teamwork. The Community Excellence Awards are designed to profile excellence in local government and to create successful pathways and incentives for others to follow.

Please review the category descriptions in the 2015 Excellence Awards Submission Guide [PDF – 153 KB] before filling in the online application. You may also wish to print the application questions before completing your application. You will not be able to return to your application once you have clicked “submit”.



Deadline: Wednesday, JULY 15, 2015 (no exceptions)

Awards will be presented on Thursday, September 24th at the UBCM Convention during a special breakfast reception – open to applicants and winners only. An invitation will be sent out to all applicants, but only those who RSVP may attend.


  • The Excellence Awards program is open to UBCM members only.
  • Submissions will be accepted via the online application system only.
  • Permission from the Mayor/RD Chair to submit the application is required. You may be asked to provide a support letter from the Mayor/Chair following receipt of your application.
  • The project must have been initiated after January 1, 2012 and be substantially completed.
  • Projects that have won other UBCM awards are not eligible.
  • UBCM funded projects are eligible.
  • Submissions must meet specific category criteria.
  • No additional materials will be accepted.


  • All submissions will be posted to the Community Excellence Awards Library on the UBCM and CivicInfo BC websites.
  • UBCM reserves the right to refuse submissions that do not meet the outlined Entry Requirements.
  • Should the Selection Committee determine that a submission is more suitable to a different category than the one submitted to, the Committee may transfer the application to that category.
  • Entrants may submit multiple applications to all Excellence Awards categories. However, each application must reference a different program or project. No single project or program may be submitted under multiple categories.

The Selection Committees are comprised of members of UBCM’s Presidents Committee, sponsor representatives and professionals experienced and educated in the topics being evaluated. Submissions are evaluated in terms of how they demonstrate “excellence” as a product of the results achieved. The size of the community and resources available will be considered in the selection process.

Please visit the UBCM website at www.ubcm.ca under Services & Awards / Community Excellence Awards.

If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact Joslyn Young at awards@ubcm.ca or 604-270-8226, Ext. 103.

photo courtesy Province of BC, https://www.flickr.com/photos/bcgovphotos/

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