Smithers Community Vitality Project and Report Card

In 2015 the Town of Smithers, Northern Health, and the Bulkley Valley Social Planning Society established a Partnering for Healthier Communities (P4HC) Committee to explore and define a set of community vitality indicators for Smithers. Their goal is to establish, measure, and report annually on a set of local indicators that accurately reflect trends in the vitality and wellbeing of the community in all of its dimensions. 

Their work produced the 2016 Smithers Community Vitality Report Card. The Vitality Report Card serves as a discussion piece for the community as the first collective version of local indicators. Download it here.

What are Community Vitality Indicators?

There is an emerging understanding of the importance of creating healthier communities, yet we have few tools to comprehensively measure progress in this regard. In the absence of such tools, many rely on simplistic progress indicators (i.e. population growth or number of building permits) that have limited connection with community wellbeing.

Community Vitality measures the strength, activity and inclusiveness of relationships between residents, private sector, public sector and civil society organizations that fosters individual and collective wellbeing.

Below are the Smithers Community Vitality Report Card and project background resources, including an introduction to community vitality indicators, past community discussions and presentations.

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