Shuswap Regional Trails Strategy & Shuswap Trails Roundtable

Regional partners throughout the Shuswap region have developed a historic Trail Strategy and Roundtable. It is a milestone for the region by setting a new direction for how residents live, move, and relate with each other and the land. This is the result of an extensive multi-sectoral collaborative effort including ongoing support from the City of Salmon Arm.

The first ever multi-user (motorized and non-motorized) trail strategy for the region  includes appropriate acknowledgement of Secwepemc Nation territory, accountable protocols for planning and approvals, a focus on ecology and access management priorities, and a commitment to work together.

Hundreds of leaders, invested extensive time to making the strategy live. The result is a renewed commitment to work together on management priorities throughout the Shuswap and the creation of the Shuswap Trails Roundtable formally launched this month.

Over 75 leaders from Secwepemc, Regional, Municipal, Provincial, trail and environmental stewardship, industry, business, economic development, tourism, education, and health organizations gathered for an historic gathering to officially launch the Shuswap Trails Roundtable and begin implementation of the Shuswap Regional Trails Strategy.

It’s a milestone for the region setting a new direction for how they live, move, and relate with each other and the land.  Read more here:


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