Six Strategies to accelerate Change in the Built Environment

This report: Building Change – Towards Sustainable Communities in BC – provides an overview of the state of sustainable built environments in BC using the work by the Real Estate Foundation of BC (REFBC) as a research focus.

In 2015, the Real Estate Foundation of BC (REFBC) partnered with MODUS Planning, Design and Engagement to measure progress in BC towards a sustainable built environment, and to gauge what work still needs to be done.

Key questions explored in this report are:

  • Is BC’s built environment sustainable?
  • Are we making progress?
  • How does change really occur?
  • How can we work together to accelerate built environment sustainability in BC?

This report summarizes the research and recommendations made by REFBC in collaboration with MODUS and in consultation with professionals in the transportation, housing, energy, building and community sectors. 

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