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New resources on the healthy built environment are now available! 

The collection is harvested from a series of learning opportunities for health professionals on the healthy built environment that took place between 2015 and 2016. The learning events were initiated by the Healthy Built Environment Alliance, funded by the Real Estate Foundation,and supported by the PlanH program as well as all of BC’s health authorities.


On October 6th 2015, PlanH collaborated with members of the Healthy Built Environment Alliance on an introductory webinar describing the foundations for linking health and the built environment. This webinar was an invited session for a cohort of public health professionals in BC Health Authorities. Access the webinar recording (Online.) The cohort embarked on a training program through a series of workshops.

The Traveller’s Journey Workshops

The first segment of the workshop series “The Traveller’s Journey – Towards a Healthy Built Environment: Training for Health Professionals” took place on Oct 21 & 22, 2015. Public health professionals from all of the health authorities across BC participated in two days of workshops. The workshops took place in person in Vancouver, and via seven satellite locations across BC. In total, over 105 people participated in the event.

The purpose of workshop #1 was to increase knowledge and understanding of content and provide hope and inspiration for participants to learn more and take action in their communities. Participants learned more about the five physical features of a healthy built environment, municipal planning and how health professionals can play a role in creating healthier communities. 

The second part of the Traveller’s Journey workshop series took place February 23-25, 2016. Over 116 unique participants from across BC participated in three more days of workshops in person in Vancouver, and via 5 satellite locations across BC. 

The purpose of workshop #2 was to build skill and confidence among participants in applying knowledge and taking action in their communities with regards to the healthy built environment. Participants learned and practiced what to say, how to say it and when to say it.

Topics included:

  • the importance and process of understanding context and how to work effectively and practically with data and evidence.
  • where/when/how Environmental Health Officers can get involved and partnership building between health, planning and local governments
  • community and public engagement from both theoretical and experiential perspectives, and understanding health’s role in advocacy.  


Learn more about the five physical features of a healthy built environment, municipal planning and how health professionals can play a role in creating healthier communities through partnership building and collaboration, community and public engagement, and advocacy. Webinars from both workshops are available below. Additional workshop resources are available by request.

Workshop #1 (Oct 21-22, 2015):

Workshop #2 (February 23-25, 2016):

Further Information

If you have any questions about the Healthy Built Environment Training, please feel free to email the project consultant Tannis Cheadle at, or contact the Healthy Built Environment Training Working Group members in your region:

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