Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit

Download the 2018 Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit now available! Download it at the BC Centre for Disease Control’s website.

How can local governments link planning principles to health outcomes?

The Healthy Built Environment (HBE) Linkages Toolkit,  developed by the PHSA Population and Public Health team in partnership with the Healthy Built Environment (HBE) Alliance,  is the first evidence-based and expert-informed resource that links planning principles to health outcomes.

Intended to inform built environment design and decision-making, the Toolkit summarizes health evidence related to five key features of the built environment (neighbourhood design, transportation networks, natural environments, food systems, and housing).  

By referring to the HBE Linkages Toolkit, local governments can quickly understand key factors related to the built environment that influence health in their community, and planners can access a reliable summary of the health evidence that will support their daily work.

The HBE Linkages Toolkit is different from other toolkits because it provides a framework for thinking and talking about health and the built environment without prescribing which actions to take. The Toolkit is intended to be a conversation starter between planners, public health professionals, and local governments regarding “what” to do.  Other resources such as PlanH complement the HBE Linkages Toolkit by offering solutions about “how” to plan and design healthy built environments.

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