BC Elders' Guide

The First Nations Health Authority and the Ministry of Health released the first edition of the BC Elders’ Guide. This unique health and lifestyle resource is based on the BC Seniors’ Guide and is specifically designed for First Nations and Aboriginal Elders.

The BC Elders’ Guide provides information on provincial and federal programs and community and local resources, with sections on health, lifestyle, housing, transportation, finances, benefits, safety and security, and other services.

“The BC Elders’ Guide acknowledges and respects the traditional ways of Elders, and the immense cultural value they provide to British Columbia,” said Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Minister John Rustad. “It is great news for Elders that this guide not only provides a wealth of useful information, but also emphasizes and incorporates the richness of the cultural history of B.C. First Nations and Aboriginal Elders.”

In the guide, Elders share their secrets to aging well, including eating traditional foods and staying active through hunting and fishing. The guide also addresses the importance of nurturing spirit through being engaged in community life and a reminder to keep tobacco use ceremonial.

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