Regional District of Nanaimo Partners with Island Health for Healthy Communities Workshop

In support of the Healthy Families BC Communities Initiative, Island Health and the Regional District of Nanaimo partnered in the planning and delivery of a workshop to foster the development of partnerships to address community health and wellbeing. 

The workshop was held on April 29th 2015. The event was facilitated by BC Healthy Communities Society on behalf of PlanH. The goals of the workshop were to build knowledge and relationships that foster future partnerships.

Attendees were invited to participate in discussion and facilitated exercises that focused on:

  • Building a mutual understanding of the importance of partnerships when we plan for and address community health and wellbeing.
  • Developing knowledge of Local Government and Island Health operations and key programs related to community health and wellbeing.
  • Building and strengthening community partnerships critical to developing healthy public policies.

The workshop was well received. Participants were able to learn more about related organisations, see new opportunities through the relationships they were building and think about how to work with other teams and organisations.

See an overview of this workshop theme in the PlanH Workshops section.

photo credit: Ken Smith



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