Through PlanH, BC Healthy Communities Society offers facilitated processes and workshops for local governments and their partners (e.g. health authorities, community organizations, non-profit organizations) on a variety of topics. Contact us here.

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Healthy Communities: Health is Everyone’s Business

This workshop provides an introduction to healthy communities and explores how local policy, planning and leadership can impact health outcomes. It focuses on identifying local healthy community priorities and opportunities for shared leadership.

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From Silos to Systems: Building Partnerships for Healthy Communities

This workshop supports multi-sector collaboration to build healthier communities, and the development or implementation of partnerships between local governments, health authorities and community partners. It focuses on identifying areas of shared interest and the unique assets different sectors can contribute to collaborative partnerships.

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Building Collective Impact for Healthier Communities

This workshop is for multi-sector community roundtables, collaboratives, or coalitions who are ready to take the next step in working together to define and work towards a common agenda that addresses population-level change on a complex challenge facing their communities or region.

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Bringing Health Home: Public Engagement for Local Action on Health & Well-Being

This workshop explores how public engagement is critical in achieving health and well-being outcomes in local policy and planning. It introduces tools, techniques and methods for meaningful engagement to build healthier communities. 

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“Dialogue to Action” on a Specific Healthy Communities Topic (TBD)

This workshop supports learning and action planning on a specific healthy communities topic which has been prioritized by local communities (e.g., food security, active transportation, health and sustainability). It brings stakeholders together to learn more about the local context and opportunities to take action related to the topic.

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Making the Links, Making it Happen: Planning Together for Sustainability, Health & Well-being

This workshop brings local and regional governments, health sector representatives and community partners together to learn about why and how communities can integrate sustainability planning, processes and projects with efforts to foster community health and well-being.

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Healthy Community Regional Forums

Five healthy communities forums are being held in each health authority region in British Columbia, facilitated by BC Healthy Communities on behalf of the PlanH program throughout 2016.

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