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Open-source curriculum to help plan and deliver a Healthy Built Environment workshop!

The Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit (the Toolkit) links five features of the built environment (housing, neighbourhood design, food, transportation, and natural environments) with health outcomes. The Toolkit workshops animate and activate the Toolkit by getting people together in a shared learning experience, to explore the Toolkit together by applying it to projects, plans and issues that matter to them in their community or region. Learn more about a healthy built environment.

The curriculum includes three detailed agendas, workshop planning guides and corresponding presentations designed for different amounts of time and knowledge levels. Participants will explore the links between built environments and health outcomes and apply their new knowledge to projects, plans and issues that matter to them in their community. Anyone is free to download and adapt the materials to their local context. 

Dig Deeper

Learning Objectives

Build knowledge and familiarity about links between healthy built environment, and the components of the Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit.

Develop understanding about the rationale and value of linking healthy built environment evidence and information into projects, plans and initiatives in the community and develop capacity to use the Linkages toolkit to create healthy communities.

Build networks, partnerships, and relationships to articulate the value of linking health outcomes with community plans and projects

Audience & Participants

The intended audience for the workshop includes: community planners, transportation planners, design professionals, decision makers in municipal and regional government, First Nations staff and officials, public health practitioners, and community agencies and organizations whose work focuses on and affects their communities’ built environment.

Workshop Planners and Facilitators

The anticipated workshop planners and facilitators are people that have an  interest, as well as experience and a role to create healthy communities

For example public health staff, local government (perhaps in community planning) staff, and possibly community organizations as well (depending on the workshop and context.)

Applied practical learning

“People are busy!” We have heard that communities and professionals would be interested in leveraging opportunities to work on real key projects and issues in the community, not just abstract or conceptual learning. 

The workshop uses actual case studies to help participants use the HBE Linkages Toolkit.


Getting Started with a Workshop – Ready, Set, Go!

Three workshop options of varying durations and depths, to meet different needs are available. 

Download the HBE Workshops Overview and Planning Guide
 including a side-by-side comparison of workshops one, two and three


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