Take a Dip into the Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit


Workshop two is an opportunity to ‘take a dip’ into exploring how the Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit applies to a couple of community issues in a four-hour session. It is suitable for a combined audience (up to 30-50 participants) from public health, local government and First Nations, and who all work in the same community or region. The workshop could be planned by a small multi-agency planning committee, and facilitated by two planning team members with facilitation experience.

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  • A ‘roll up your sleeves’ session. Participants take a dip into the HBE Linkages Toolkit, and explore how it can apply to their work by trying out the Toolkit on a couple of issues/topics in their community.


  • Learn about the links between health and built environment, and rationale/case for making the links for particular issues that are of interest in the community/region.
  • Learn about the components included in the toolkit and get experience with applying them to relevant community issues.
  • Work with colleagues who are also interested in this work, and build experience and knowledge for future opportunities to link health outcomes with community projects related to the built environment.


  • Works well with a combination of health, local government, First Nations, and community agencies that affect the built environment, who all work in the same community or region.


  • Planning committee of 3-6 members from various agencies, to bring various contacts and perspectives. Two facilitators.

  • To lead the workshop the facilitator(s) need to have reviewed the HBE Linkages Toolkit, and be comfortable working with and discussing issues/opportunities around health and the built environment. Local resource people can be recruited to bring their additional expertise and knowledge about the selected focus issues/topics.


Curriculum and presentation with facilitator notes

Workshop overview planning guide and resources

Contact info@planh.ca to receive customizable Word documents.

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