Introduction to the Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit


Workshop one is a building block to learn about the Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit. It is suitable for a broad range of participants to learn about the linkages between built environment and health outcomes.

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  • An excellent building block. 
  • Makes a case for linking health outcomes with built environment, planning, design.
  • Introduces HBE Linkages Toolkit as a way to start conversations about health linkages, and demonstrates practical work and collaboration to link health and built environment.


  • Learn about links between health and built environment, and rationale/case for making the links in our work.
  • Learn what is included in the Toolkit and how it can be applied.
  • Meet colleagues who are interested in sharing knowledge and creating healthy built environments.


  • Flexible: Anyone with an interest in built environment!   Health, local government, and community agencies working on the built environment.
  • Could work as module in a longer educational or training workshop
  • Works for a small audience (8-10) to a larger auditorium-style audience (30-50).


  • Could be planned and facilitated by one person with support; however this workshop offers a good opportunity for collaboration to co-plan and co-facilitate (e.g. local/regional planning staff and public health staff).
  • To lead the workshop the facilitator(s) require basic fluency and familiarity with the HBE Linkages Toolkit, and issues/opportunities around healthy communities. 



Curriculum and presentation with facilitator notes

Workshop overview, planning guide and resources


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