Why does PlanH focus on supporting local governments ?

While there are many influences on our lives today, many of the policies and plans that directly affect the health and well-being of citizens are made at the local level. Decisions made at the local government level influence the air we breathe, our options to get around, the type of housing we live in, the food we have access to, the availability of green space to play and socialize in and how safe and connected we feel in our neighbourhood.

Local governments are leaders, policy makers and partners in promoting the health and well-being of citizens and building healthy communities already. And, given emerging health challenges in BC, such as rising chronic disease and obesity rates, it is a good time to examine the role that all sectors can play—including local governments—in creating healthier communities.

PlanH supports local governments to learn, create partnerships and take action for healthier communities.

What do we mean by collaborative local action?

No single organization or institution can do the work of building healthy communities alone. Multiple sectors, including local governments, have an important role to play.

Shared leadership between multiple sectors and partnership agreements between local governments and health authorities are examples of collaborative local action which address priority issues for community health and well-being.

Who is this site for?

The main audience for this site is local governments—both elected officials and staff—in British Columbia. However, health authorities, non-profits and community organizations, may also find the information and resources on this site useful.

What is the benefit of subscribing?

When you subscribe to PlanH, you will receive timely e-bulletins with the latest community stories, event announcements, funding opportunities, and resources featured here.

How can I apply for funding?

When you subscribe to PlanH, you’ll stay up to date about funding news and announcements. Head over to the funding section of this site for information about funding deadlines, application criteria, eligible expenses, application forms and more.

How can I learn about funded projects?

We’ve posted a list of previously funded projects in our funding section. You’re welcome to contact us for more information about these projects.

How do I get my community’s success story featured on this site?

We are always looking for new success stories that demonstrate local government leadership and action on health and well-being. Please share your story with us!.

How can I provide feedback on this site?

We love to hear your feedback about the PlanH program, including ideas for resources and learning opportunities that you might find useful. Please provide feedback by contacting us.

Who maintains this site?

The PlanH site is managed and maintained by BC Healthy Communities Society.

Who can I contact to learn more?

To stay informed about opportunities and activities of PlanH, please subscribe. Please send your questions, suggestions, and keep in touch!

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