External Funding Opportunities

Finding and securing funding that is relevant to the needs of your local government can be challenging. In order to better assist you in developing your Healthy Communities projects and/or programs, we have compiled a list of funding opportunities that might be worth knowing about, along with guides and resources to support your grant writing activities. Explore and let us know if you hear of other opportunities!

Currently, this list is focused on grants available to local governments, but also includes grants for non-profit organizations, schools and other community-focused projects.

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$30 million program administered by the First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation and Heritage B.C. to educate people about B.C.’s colonial past, advance reconciliation, and promote inclusivity and diversity. Indigenous communities, local governments and not-for-profit heritage organizations with an Indigenous or heritage mandate are eligible to submit applications. Application open: Fall 2021.

The objective of this initiative is to build Indigenous People’s capacity to participate in the agriculture sector; funding to multi-projects is possible, and projects will not normally exceed $500,000 per project. Project must benefit and take place in an Indigenous community. Proposals will be accepted until September 30, 2022.

Supports capacity building for a wide variety of projects. Giving priorities centre around collaboration, innovation, and learning. Applications accepted throughout the year.

This document is an overview of funding opportunities for energy efficiency and clean energy projects for Local Governments and First Nations in British Columbia. Up to date as of November, 2020.

Ferry vouchers for eligible sports organizations. Application must be received 12 days before travel date.

This program provides up to $8,000 in rebate funding annually to support the employment of a locally-based grant writer (cover up to 76% of wages). Applicants should apply for the following year’s funding starting November 1 of each year and no later than January 31 of the year applied for.

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