2022 Community Connectedness Grants

Applications for this grant stream closed on June 1, 2022.

For information on other funding opportunities for communities in B.C., visit our Other Funding Opportunities page.

Those in Canada with a strong sense of community belonging are over twice as likely to report good health compared to those who have a weak or very weak sense of community.1  A connected community is a place where people know their neighbours, build relationships with others and contribute to the creation of social networks that last over time. This requires opportunities for people to gather in person or virtually, create connections and get involved. Connected communities support strong citizen engagement.
Local and Indigenous governments play a role in fostering social connectedness by creating strong social environments that help all community members thrive. Central to these strong social environments is a focus on equity—ensuring that the needs and input of those whose voices are often less-heard-from in the community are prioritized at all stages of a project or initiative. 

The PlanH Healthy Communities grant program supports Indigenous and local governments in B.C. as they work with health authorities and other partners to collectively create conditions that enable healthy people and healthy places.

For 2022, one of the PlanH Healthy Communities grant program streams focuses on Community Connectedness. These grants support communities as they take multi-sectoral action to explore, learn, and innovate, enhancing community cohesion and sense of belonging. Complete the online application located here.

Important Dates:

  • June 1, 2022: Application Due Date

  • July 2022: Notification of successful applicants

  • September 2022–September 2023: Project takes place

  • October 2, 2023: Deadline for delivery of final project report

How to Apply:

  • Read the full application guide.
  • Download and complete the budget and workplan using our template.
  • Download and review the application questions to prepare.
  • Optional: Gather any supporting documents you wish to submit. (A letter of support from your regional health authority or the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is recommended but not required. Written letters of support are suggested as a demonstration of existing partnerships.)
  • Complete the online application using the application webform. (If you experience difficulties using the webform, please contact us at grants@planh.ca.)


Application Guide

 A step-by-step guide for completing the PlanH Community Connectedness Grant application is available here.


Community Connectedness Grants

Grants of up to $5,000 each plus in-kind supports are available for approximately 20 Indigenous and local governments working with health authorities and other partners to better understand priority areas and local needs and to enhance a sense of belonging within local community.


  • Maximum grant amount available: up to $5,000
  • Access to resources and supports from BC Healthy Communities staff (see application guide for more details)


The following government organizations are eligible to apply:

  • First Nations Bands
  • First Nations Tribal Councils
  • Métis Chartered Communities
  • Municipalities
  • Regional Districts
  • Self-Governing First Nations

The following organizations are not eligible to apply as a primary applicant:

  • Community Groups
  • For-profit Groups
  • Health Authorities
  • Hospital Foundations
  • Individuals
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • School Districts

This opportunity could be for you if you:

  • Represent an Indigenous or local government
  • Have community partners who share your interest in developing a broad policy framework
  • You have a relationship with either your regional health authority (Northern Health, Interior Health, Island Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, or Fraser Health) or First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). If you don’t have an existing relationship with FNHA or the health authority in your region, let us know, and we can help connect you.

This funding encourages multi-sectoral partnerships. We suggest that ineligible organizations contact eligible organizations to discuss collaborating on a project.

Eligible Indigenous and local governments who are working in partnership with their health authority and other sectors and who are interested in applying should read the application guidelines thoroughly.


Projects will be assessed on the eligibility of applicant and proposed expenses, and connection between project activities and objectives stated in the application guide. PlanH grants will not support work or projects that exploit any individual or groups.
Communities are encouraged to reach out to grants@planh.ca to learn about the grant-making process and decision criteria or to set up a call.

The Community Connectedness grant stream supports projects that:

  1. Demonstrate multi-sectoral partnerships. Applicants are strongly encouraged to demonstrate collaboration with a range of diverse community stakeholders and health authorities through letters of support or written partnership agreements.
  2. Incorporate Equity. Equity is the fair distribution of opportunities, power and resources to meet the needs of all people, regardless of age, ability, gender or background. Applying an equity lens means asking who will benefit from a policy, program, initiative or service, but also who may be excluded from the benefits and why.
  3. Use upstream interventions and strategies that focus on improving fundamental social, physical and economic environments in order to decrease barriers and improve supports that allow people to achieve their full health potential.
  4. Are sustainable and build healthy communities that last beyond the duration of the grant period.

Links and Partnerships

Identification of key partners and stakeholders is required. Applications that demonstrate collaborative relationships with multiple organizations are in place will be prioritized. Additional partners and collaborations may be further developed as part of the project.


Grant recipients will be required to participate in an onboarding call at the beginning of the project and complete a final report at the end.
Our team will schedule an onboarding call with successful applicants to introduce ourselves and determine how we can best support you.
Our team is committed to incorporating culturally-safe practices into our evaluation approaches. We will strive to co-create relevant learning and reflection tools in partnership with communities whenever possible.
Links to final report templates will be emailed to all successful grant recipients.

Communications Guidance

We ask that projects funded through the PlanH Healthy Communities grant program include written acknowledgment of funding in materials produced as a result of PlanH. This includes publicity, conferences, meeting presentations, printed pieces or any other materials that are public and promotional in nature. Guidance on how to acknowledge PlanH Healthy Communities grants will be available on this page after the grants are awarded.


Have a question? Visit the frequently asked questions page for this grant stream, get in touch via the contact information below, or attend our April 12 Information Session.

Examples of past projects funded by PlanH can be found here.


If you have questions or require assistance please contact:
BC Healthy Communities Society

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