New Round of Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP) Grants

Every year in BC alcohol causes more than 20,000 hospital visits. The Centre of Addictions Research in BC estimates that over 2,000 deaths are alcohol related to the cost to communities, the financial burden caused by alcohol related harm is estimated to be over $2 billion per year. Studies estimat that enforcement and health care costs exceed the revenue generated.

A Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP) helps support healthy communities by providing clear guidelines for alcohol use in municipal settings, and contributing to a culture of moderation in the community. BC Healthy Communities, in partnership with the BC Ministry of Health, is offering up to $7,000 in a grant to assist local governments to develop a Municipal Alcohol Policy. As part of the grant, you will also receive:

  • Workshop and facilitation support;
  • Workbook and toolkit;
  • Monthly telephone support;
  • Access to example MAPs;
  • Overview of legal issues.

Next Steps

  • Find out if a MAP is right for your community by reading the Local Government Guide to Creating a MAP and contacting Krissi at BC Healthy Communities 250-952-9177.
  • Talk to elected members and stakeholder organizations to find out if they would support the development of a MAP.
  • Apply for up to $7,000 to help fund the development of the MAP by completing the MAP application form.

A Municipal Alcohol Policy (MAP) is a useful tool to reduce the health and financial costs caused by alcohol. 

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