New Guide for Local Governments Now Available from PlanH

Promoting healthy communities is at the heart of what local government is about. A new publication from PlanH shows how local leaders can, and do affect positive change in their communities.

Produced for PlanH by BC Healthy Communities and Healthy Families BC, “How Do Local Governments Improve Health & Community Well-Being” is intended to support elected local government officials and senior staff to:

  • recognize the importance and impact of their role in building a healthy community; and
  • build stronger partnerships with regional health authorities, the Province, and community organizations to build a healthy community.

The guide includes:

  • information about how community planning and design affects the health and well-being of citizens;
  • examples of programs and policies from around the province which promote health & well-being; and ways local governments are building on their important historic role in health promotion.
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