Local Governments Receive Support for Healthy Community Leadership

Victoria | The PlanH program has confirmed support for 24 communities through the Healthy Communities Capacity Building Fund (HCCBF).

The HCCBF is for local governments in BC who are leading the way in creating the conditions that enable healthy people and healthy places – in partnership with regional health authorities and other key community stakeholders.  

Selected communities will receive a grant plus additional capacity building support. The fund provides a total of $160,000 in grants. Additional support includes:

Seeding Small, Rural and Remote Stream

Growing Impact Stream

  • Multi-sectoral collaboration coaching
  • Facilitated community of practice
  • Healthy Communities applied learning sessions

The HCCBF is delivered through the PlanH program. PlanH, implemented by BC Healthy Communities Society (BCHC), facilitates local government learning, partnership development and planning for healthier communities where we live, learn, work and play. Working together with health authorities, UBCM and the Ministry of Health, PlanH supports Healthy Families BC, the Province’s health promotion strategy.

“We are thrilled to see the momentum building for healthy communities through PlanH activities across the province,” says BCHC Executive Director Jodi Mucha. “We look forward to deepening existing partnerships, creating new relationships as well as offering a range of capacity building resources to strengthen our collective vision for healthy, resilient and sustainable communities throughout BC.”

For a list of supported communities and to find out more about the HCCBF visit http://planh.ca/funding/roundthree. Follow community progress on Twitter: at @BC_HC, #BCHC_GrowingImpact, #BCHC_SeedingRural.


Celeste Zimmer, Community Engagement Coordinator 
T: 250.590.8432 
E: grants@planh.ca

Download a pdf of the news release here.

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