Webinar: Living health equity values part 2: Promoting alignment between intention and practice

Date(s) - August 18, 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Social and cultural values are structural drivers of health inequities. Values shape our attitudes, beliefs and everyday decisions at the individual, institutional, organizational and public policy level. It follows that by engaging in values-driven responses, the Canadian public health community can collaborate across sectors to address the root causes of interconnected health problems.

Operationalizing values

For over a year, Canadians have been confronted with the devastating and disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on low-income, racialized and Indigenous communities. Amidst calls to end police violence, engage in Indigenous reconciliation and build a future where everyone can thrive, local public health actors have been challenged to address racism, colonization and the looming climate crisis. To do this, they need to be supported to operationalize foundational public health values such as social justice, reciprocity and solidarity.

Misalignment of values

While some public health organizations explicitly name foundational values that support advancing health equity, they do not always engage in health equity action grounded in those values at the practice, program, organizational and policy levels. This misalignment between intended values and action can amplify the inequities already faced by disadvantaged communities.

Next steps

Living health equity values part 2: Promoting alignment between intention and practice will build on the knowledge exchanged in a 2019 webinar, Living health equity values within public health organizations.

In the current conversation, participants will reflect on core values that support a health equity approach in public health organizations and on value tensions that can arise in public health practice and policy.

Further discussion, guided by related NCCDH resources such as Living health equity values in public health organizations: A review and dialogue-based tool, will focus on strategies and opportunities to shift organizational cultures and operationalize health equity values (increase alignment between stated values and actual practice).

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