A Tamarack Institute Webinar: Local Government Contribution: A Game Changer for Positive Social Change

Date(s) - January 25, 2023
1:00 pm

Speakers: Jodi Mucha, Sara Desrosiers, Lisa Kilpatrick, Tristan Johnson

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Local governments are experiencing ‘ground zero’ as communities face a myriad of complex social challenges – from the impacts of rising costs and the affordability crisis to disruptive climate emergencies.

For local governments with limited capacity and resources, leading social change can be daunting.

Yet, there is opportunity to work better, together with others, to strengthen and improve capacity – for individuals, organizations and whole communities. There is opportunity to find strength and inspiration, and build upon the good work already happening on the ground as communities pivot to address influential factors and experiences.

This webinar will explore avenues and tools within municipal and district jurisdiction to help local government leaders, staff, and community-based change-makers better understand and embrace what is possible when municipalities become ‘catalytic converters’ for positive social change.



Jodi Mucha, BC Healthy Communities

Jodi has a Master of Arts in Environment and Management from Royal Roads University and over 25 years of experience working in healthy communities at the local and international levels. She has a strong community engagement background, complexity thinking, and leadership.

She is passionate about equity and creating conditions for everyone to thrive. She is a well-known healthy community leader and is honoured to be the Executive Director of BC Healthy Communities Society. Through expertise in multi-sectoral collaboration and partnerships, systems thinking, the healthy communities approach, and practical ways to understand the links between the social determinants of health, she is helping to influence policy change that supports healthier communities across the province.



Sara Desrosiers, City of Penticton

Sarah Desrosiers is a Social Development Coordinator with the City of Penticton and received her Master of Social Work from the University of British Columbia in 2022. Her work with the city focuses on age-friendly initiatives, accessibility planning, investments for at-risk youth, immigration support, grant management and collaborative community development.

Previously, she has worked as a behavioural intervention counsellor, a life skills program coordinator and a case manager. Her experience working directly with vulnerable populations has set a passionate and intentional tone for her work in local government. She is thrilled to work alongside passionate community members and municipal staff and looks forward to all the learnings that will come with this role.  


Lisa Kilpatrick, Comox Valley Regional District

Lisa is the Economic Recovery and Community Resilience Coordinator in Comox Valley Regional District, bringing her passion for social and economic well-being to communities in British Columbia for over 20 years.

Working with all levels of government and NGOs, she has led the development of many local and regional strategies, initiatives and partnerships in youth, community and economic development through collaborative stakeholder engagement and relationship building.


Tristan Johnson, City of New Westminster

Tristan Johnson is a Senior Planning Analyst with the City of New Westminster, involved in the research, development, implementation, analysis and evaluation of many City policies and strategies. He was also involved in the City’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, including compiling and distributing information on benefit programs, applying for grants, and assisting with the City’s various COVID-19 task forces.

Tristan holds a bachelor’s degree in Science (Geography) from Simon Fraser University and a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Queen’s University. He is a registered professional planner with membership in the CIP (Canadian Institute of Planners) and PIBC (Planning Institute of British Columbia). He is a municipal member of the Metro Vancouver RPAC Housing Sub-Committee.

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