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Date(s) - February 10, 2017
12:00 am - 11:45 pm

Do you know about or have you read or heard about any inspiring examples or stories of neighbours voluntarily collaborating together on their street or in their apartment or condominium buildings to build connections between neighbours, improve their block, and help build resilience?

We’d like to hear about them!

Please send links to any examples of activities, stories, or implementation guides/tools to by February 10th, 2017


Building Resilient Neighbourhoods is conducting an update and revision of its Resilient Streets Toolkit. The Toolkit includes “Inspiring Examples” from Canada and around the world of small groups of immediate neighbours collaborating in projects and activities on their street or in their buildings to help build resilience in their lives, homes, streets and neighbourhoods. 


We are looking for more examples to include in the revised version of the Toolkit and on our soon-to-be revamped website. There are five main categories of activities that we’ve been seeing and for which we’d like to have: more examples of types of activities that people can do, sample stories of real people who did them and links to ‘how-to’ guides and tools that help people implement them. 


The five main categories are:

  • Celebrations & Gatherings (e.g. house or street parties that helped build social cohesion, “parties with a purpose” etc.)
  • Placemaking (e.g. painting street poles, putting in benches, creating boulevard gardens etc.)
  • The Sharing Economy (e.g. tool sharing, collective purchasing, local barter or trading systems etc.)
  • Peer Learning & Action (e.g. neighbours gathering over longer periods to study and discuss issues and then take action to change their lives, homes or streets.)
  • Neighbours Networking (e.g. phone trees, apps and other ways of facilitating neighbours connecting and helping each other.)

Resilience Issues:

We are especially interested in examples of neighbours collaborating in activities that included elements addressing any of the following resilience issues:

  • ‘Vertical Streets’ (Activities suitable for multi-family dwellings)
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Intergenerational Engagement (e.g. including seniors, youth and/or children)
  • Community Safety and Crime Prevention
  • Increasing Diversity in Participation
  • Reducing Social Isolation
  • Mutual Aid


Please send links to any examples of activities, stories, or implementation guides/tools to by February 10th, 2017

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