Social Connectedness and Health: Understanding the Impacts

Date(s) - May 23, 2018 - May 24, 2018
10:00 am - 9:45 am

Access the webinar recording.

Social connectedness is important for all ages and all cultures. On May 23rd, 2018, we hosted a free webinar to help better understand the impacts of social connectedness and the determinants it can have on community health and well-being.

About the webinar

Hear from Dr. Mark Lysyshyn and Ellen Demlow at Vancouver Coastal Health about the My Health My Community Social Connections and Health Report. They will share the important results of their latest analysis investigating the relationship between social connectedness and health.

Lidia Kemeny and Julianne King will be sharing Vancouver Foundation’s Connect and Engage survey. Are residents of Metro Vancouver isolated, disconnected and lonely? Have electronic devices extinguished the desire to connect with each other in person? Do we have people to call on if we need help? Does this matter? Let us share our most recent data on some of these issues.

Victoria Barr, Program Manager, BC Healthy Communities, will be highlighting the Social Well-being section of the new Linkages Toolkit and how it relates to community connectedness.

Bringing all three thoroughly researched pieces together – The Vancouver Coastal Health’s My Health My Community Social Connection and Health Report, the Vancouver Foundation’s Connect and Engage Report, and the Linkages Toolkit of the Provincial Health Services Authority, this webinar will help set the stage for better understanding implications around connectedness. The My Health My community Social Connection and Health report provides a representative community level snapshot that quantifies the relationship between connectedness and our health, while the Connections and Engagement study strives to understand the depths and diversity of our relationships, as well as our capacity and willingness, increase our connectedness. The Linkages Toolkit provides evidence-based links between community design, planning, and health, and provides a roadmap for emerging and innovative evidence. The methodologies and goals of each study are different, which allow us to build a broader picture of the status of our communities.

Who should participate?

This free webinar is open to anyone interested in hearing and learning about social connectedness and health. The information has been specifically designed and will be highly beneficial for municipal planners and public health policy makers as it will provide the health context for how we design and build our communities.

How do I participate?

This event has ended, but you can still access the webinar recording.


Download here the webinar agenda and speaker bios


If you have questions please contact

This is a free event offered in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health and BC Healthy Communities on behalf of the PlanH Program. 


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