BCHC Presenting at the Building SustainABLE Communities Conference

Date(s) - November 21, 2017 - November 25, 2017
7:00 am - 4:45 pm

BCHC’s Vice-President, Trevor Hancock and Program Manager, Victoria Barr will be presenting at the upcoming Building SustainAble Communities conference in Kelowna this November, 2017.  

Trevor Hancock, BCHC Vice-President
COMMUNITY CAPITAL / INFRASTRUCTURE FORUM 1: Capitalizing on the Human Element for Community Well-Being
Community wealth is much more than just economic; instead, we need to include the wealth embodied in our human, social, and cultural development, the physical assets of our community, and the ecosystems and natural resources that are our natural capital. Moreover, the latter constitutes the physical and ecological bounds within which all these other forms of capital are created.

Our collective well-being depends on striking the right balance among these different forms of capital. How we ensure a high quality of life and good health for all, while having only a ‘One Planet’ footprint is THE challenge of the 21st century.

Victoria Barr, MHSc, PHD, BCHC Program Manager
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT BREAKOUT: Valuing the Link Between Community Planning & Human Health                                                                                                          The way in which our built environments are designed and constructed, has profound effects on many different aspects of our health and well-being. Planning decisions influence neighbourhood design, the quantity and quality of parks and green spaces, the location of schools and services, and other factors like air and water quality. Those characteristics help to shape our physical and mental health, and the ways we interact with one another.

This presentation will briefly explore the links between community planning, health, and sustainability, with specific emphasis on the ways in which we can foster social inclusion and diversity through policies at the local level. Examples of innovative ideas from across the world will also be provided.

Find out more information about the conference visit the Fresh Outlook Foundation website here: https://freshoutlookfoundation.org/sessions/


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