Physical Activity for All: Tools and Approaches for Equity in Active Communities

Date(s) - November 20, 2018
5:30 pm - 7:15 pm

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for making this such a great night! A recorded version of the livestream is available here.


Looking for resources mentioned by our panelists during the event? Below are some links to resources mentioned, as well as other related resources that you might find useful.


Active Communities Action Guide

Active People Active Places

Advancing Equity and Inclusion: A Guide for Municipalities

Best investments for physical activity

City of Vancouver HIA Toolkit for Transportation and Land Use Planning activities

A Common Vision for increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary living in Canada: Let’s Get Moving

Equity and Inclusion Lens Handbook 2018

Equity resources for PA/PL/Sport leaders/program delivery agents:

Global Action Plan on Physical Activity

Handout: Physical Literacy and Equity

Health Impact Project – HIA Examples

Human Impact Partners – Health Equity Guide

Maori HIA Toolkit

If you’re looking for another resource that you don’t see listed, please feel free to get in touch.

Event Info

How do we ensure equitable access to opportunities for physical activity in our communities? Join BC Healthy Communities for a live province-wide webinar featuring thought leaders and innovators in conversation about the planning and policy approaches communities can use to ensure healthy communities for all. This event invites local government officials, planners and recreation programmers, as well as health authority staff and physical activity researchers, to learn about the tools and approaches they can use to ensure everyone in our communities can be physically active. 

You can join us in one of two ways:

Presented by BC Healthy Communities Society through PlanH with the generous assistance of a Stream of Consciousness 2020 Vision Grant.


Judy Brownoff President & Chair, BC Healthy Communities Society, Munipal Council member, District of Saanich

Featured Speakers

Photo of Shannon Clarke

Shannon Clarke, MPH
Community Well-being Specialist,
BC Healthy Communities
Public Health Association of BC

Shannon is a community well-being specialist with a passion for supporting healthy, equitable and sustainable communities. After finishing her degree in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria she went on to complete her Masters in Public Health with a focus on social policy. Her work experience includes healthy communities planning, multi-sectoral stakeholder engagement and collaboration, workshop development and facilitation, and outcomes monitoring. Shannon also sits on the Board of Directors for the Public Health Association of BC. Through her work, Shannon has had the opportunity to engage with diverse partners, including local and provincial governments, health authorities, educational institutions, community funders, local businesses and community organizations. She strives to build strong relationships with community partners and work with them to identify opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing; bridging the gap between planning and public health.

Photo of PJ Naylor

PJ Naylor, PhD
Professor, Graduate Advisor, School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education, University of Victoria

Dr. Naylor is a researcher in the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education, with a public health focus, conducting research on chronic disease and obesity in children. She looks at real-world environments where children live, learn and play. In one internationally-recognized project, Dr. Naylor is part of a team of researchers from UVic and UBC who produced the evidence policy-makers needed to start a province-wide health promotion initiative called Actions Schools! BC, which promotes physical activity and healthy eating in children and youth.

Photo of Ame-Lia Tamburrini

Ame-Lia Tamburrini
Senior Manager of Physical Activity, Healthy Living and Health Promotion Branch, Population and Public Health Division, Ministry of Health

Ame-Lia Tamburrini is an epidemiologist who has focused much of her career on building capacity and helping communities, companies and governments understand the health implications of projects, policies and programs. She currently works with the BC Ministry of Health to support community organizations in their implementation of physical activity initiatives and is a partner consultant with Victoria-based Rethink Urban. Prior to these experiences, Ame-Lia was Vice President of Habitat Health Impact Consulting, a small population health consulting company that specializes in Health Impact Assessments (HIA). During her time with Habitat she conducted over 20 HIAs across Canada, the US and Burkina Faso, developed and delivered HIA workshops, provided technical expertise, and developed guidance documents to support governments and community organizations in implementing HIA. Ame-Lia is the co-author of two publications on best practices in stakeholder engagement in HIA and was Vice-President of the Society of Practitioners for Health Impact Assessment (SOPHIA), an organization dedicated to supporting growth and innovation in HIA in North America. She loves living in Victoria, BC where she gets to play in nature year-round.

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