Building civil society capacity to work with local government to improve community food security

The BC Food Systems Network is partnering with the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) and the healthy authorities to build the capacity of community food security groups and food policy councils to engage effectively with their local governments. 

The purpose of this multi-year project is to provide community-based food security groups and organizations with the tools and supports needed to help them work more effectively with local governments to address community food security. The supports offered through this project include establishing a community of practice facilitated through videoconference sessions, providing coaching to number of communities and developing tools such as a toolkit and webinars. A focused in-person training and several related workshop sessions will also be taking place connected to this year’s Annual Gathering.

The objective of these various resources and activities for community-based food security leaders is to support learning and networking related to working with local governments to improve community food security. Monthly community of practice sessions will be taking place throughout 2017. Applications to participate are not required, but we do ask for those who participate to commit to engage as much as they are able. If you are interested and this sounds like a good fit for you we would be excited to have you participate and would ask that you contact Abra Brynne at to find out more.

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