BCHC website integrates PlanH program

BC Healthy Communities and PlanH have amalgamated their two websites under one domain name – bchealthycommunities.ca – to simplify access to resources and strengthen local health initiatives.

The unified platform offers a user-friendly interface, simplifying navigation and resource discovery, and enabling community advocates to better serve their constituents. The PlanH site can now be found at bchealthycommunities.ca/program/planh/. Rest assured, anyone who clicks on the old domain name for PlanH (planh.ca), will be sent to PlanH’s new home on the BCHC website.

“We are thrilled to improve the integration of our robust and legacy PlanH program with our BCHC website  into a single, accessible digital platform. This amalgamation will simplify access to crucial healthy communities tools, resources and information, making it easier for communities across the province to find what they are looking for,” said Jodi Mucha, Executive Director of BC Healthy Communities.

Key Benefits of the Amalgamation:

Comprehensive Resource Hub: The combined website presents a comprehensive repository of reports, quick guides, success stories and other resources, all designed to support community health and well-being.

Enhanced Collaboration: The merger encourages better communication and collaboration among community leaders, health practitioners, and advocates, facilitating knowledge-sharing and cooperation.

Upcoming Events: Users can stay informed about webinars, workshops, and conferences dedicated to inspiring and supporting community health initiatives via an updated events calendar.

Responsive Support: BC Healthy Communities remains committed to providing responsive support and guidance to users, ensuring they receive the assistance needed to advance community health projects.

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