BC Healthy Communities at Different by Design: Exploring Innovation for Rural Prosperity

This year, through our  PlanH initiative,  we sponsored and participated at the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation’s 29th Annual Conference: Different by Design: Exploring Innovation for Rural Prosperity in Nelson, BC. 

At this 4-day event, a series of sessions explored the unique potential and possibilities that exist in rural places. Speakers and breakout groups discussed workforces of tomorrow, our changing environment, creating connections, and communities of opportunity.  Over 200 delegates attended, representing rural communities from across Canada and a few international communities from around the world. A key highlight of the conference was the launch of the State of Rural Canada: Mapping Rural Innovation interactive map.

PlanH currently provides a range of supports to rural and remote communities in BC, and is in the process of expanding and enhancing such offerings.  As a conference table host on the topic of rural health and wellness, BCHC Executive Director, Jodi Mucha had the opportunity to hear first hand what communities are grappling with. Mucha also attended other sessions as an observer, and also met individually with a range of conference participants to hear about their unique community challenges and successes.

Overall, discussions with various interest groups and organizations at the conference led to some exciting new opportunities to partner and enhance the PlanH Rural Portal, an online gateway offering resources related to PlanH action areas with a rural lens.  Stay tuned for updates to the rural portal which will include additional tools, articles and other resources.

All resources from the Conference can be found at: http://kootenays2017.crrf.ca 

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