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Through Northern Health’s Partnering for Healthier Communities work, NH is committed to support communities as they work towards building healthier communities. NH’s role is to support communities in the development, coordination, implementation and evaluation of initiatives that aim to target local health issues and improve community health. They play a supportive role and can help individuals, groups and communities by listening to what they think, need and want. They work with the people, programs, and community assets you already have in place and add skills, tools, resources and networks to support you in making a difference in your community.

Northern Health can offer support in ways that will help communities work towards goals that matter and bring value to their citizens. They can assist communities in expanding community capacity, hosting learning events, and support the delivery of skill building seminars. 

In addition, they can facilitate greater coalition and collaboration within community, foster networking, connect communities with the expertise of other Northern Health departments and other community experts, offer funding through small grant calls, and link communities to other funding opportunities.

If a community has identified a specific need, NH will work to the best of their abilities to support them.

Contact Northern Health:

Northern Interior
Jeff Kormos
Advisor, Healthy Settings
390 Victoria Street,
Prince George, BC V2L 4X4
Phone: 250-565-7390

Laurel Burton
Advisor, Healthy Settings
390 Victoria Street,
Prince George, BC V2L 4X4
Phone: 250-565-5720

Lana Pestaluky
Advisor, Healthy Settings
3412 Kalum Street,
Terrace, BC V8G 4T2
Phone: 250-631-4200

Links and resources

Northern Health Position papers for communities

Community Health Information Portal





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