Island Health Authority

The Island Health Region spans from the Capital Region in the south, to Port Hardy and Kingcome Inlet in the north, and includes seven regional districts, 36 municipalities and 50 First Nations communities.

Island Health is geographically diverse, with densely populated urban areas, small rural communities, and remote settlements accessible only by water or air.

We know that chronic diseases can be prevented or delayed by addressing key risk factors, including physical inactivity, unhealthy eating, obesity, alcohol consumption, and tobacco use.  It takes a village to create a healthy community; no one can do all this work in isolation – it is a shared responsibility that requires collaborative action.

Island Health aims to foster strong partnerships in support of healthy communities; including partnerships with municipal, regional, and First Nation’s governments, as well as through our work with local hospital districts and other community partners.


Healthy community planning

Island Health representatives work directly with local government staff and leaders as well as with other community partners in a consultative role or as a stakeholder in local and regional planning processes.  We also seek out local government input and expertise on Island Health initiatives.

Healthy community collaborations

Island Health representatives participate on committees, coalitions and special interest groups involving local government and other community partners. Island Health has involvement in collaborative tables addressing a spectrum of upstream promotion and prevention issues.

Healthy community partnerships

Island Health can work with local governments and other partners to plan and implement joint projects on common goals related to promotion and prevention.


Medical Health Officers (MHOs):  Island Health’s MHOs oversee a wide variety of initiatives designed to promote and protect public health. They are authorities on community health trends and best practices related to healthy communities. Your local MHO is a key partnership resource for all initiatives related to Healthy Communities.

Local Leaders and Front Line Staff: Your local Island Health contacts may work in a number of different program areas and roles and they may be involved in a variety of community partnership and collaborative activities. If your local Island Health contact doesn’t have the specific expertise you are looking for, they can help to connect you to relevant contacts across the organization.

Content Experts and Data Wizards: Island Health employs a variety of staff with content expertise in a variety of Healthy Community topics including:  Healthy Built Environments, Air and Water Quality, Tobacco Reduction, Healthy Living, Physical Activity, Food Security, Healthy Eating, and Positive Mental Health. Island Health also employs staff with expertise in analyzing and translating community health data that can aid community decision making for health.

Contact Island Health

If you do not know who to contact in your local area, contact your local Medical Health Officer or Lois Gabitous, Island Health’s lead for Healthy Communities:

Lois Gabitous
Phone: 236-638-3039

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