Healthy Housing Action Guide

This guide supports local governments of rural and urban communities across British Columbia as they create active, healthy and thriving places for all people.

Across communities of all sizes in B.C., there is a growing need for housing that is affordable, appropriate, accessible and of good quality. Housing that checks all these boxes can support the health and well-being of individuals and communities, contributing to an increased sense of safety, decreased crime, greater social well-being and improved quality of life.

It can also support climate action objectives by encouraging climate-friendly design and energy-efficient buildings, as well as by linking land use and zoning policies to transportation planning, supporting active transportation. A diverse supply of healthy housing options can even maximize labour force productivity and flexibility, contributing to a community’s economic vitality.

Within this guide, you’ll find information about healthy housing and its co-benefits, as well as actions and examples from B.C. communities, funding opportunities and strategies, a checklist of healthy housing actions, a guide to local and provincial housing legislation, a glossary, and more.

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