On-Demand Webinar: Healthy Communities, Equity and Economic Recovery

For communities across Canada, 2020 was an especially trying year. However, the difficulties we are all facing continue to impact community members to varying degrees. Though inequities existed in our communities prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, current challenges have amplified these differences. Given all we have learned through our past and present experiences, how can we put equity into action to create greater well-being for all community members?

Join BC Healthy Communities and Simon Fraser University’s Community Economic Development team as we explore the intersections of health, well-being and community economic development. Intended for community planners and decision makers, this session provides information about the value of equity in supporting healthy processes and policies, and offers guidance on applying equity in community economic development processes. This webinar primes participants with a wide range of concepts and ideas for creating healthier, more inclusive communities. The session complements PlanH’s newest Action Guide, Supporting Equity in Planning and Policy, by providing a closer look at the links between economic development and recovery, equity and overall community well-being.

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