Age-friendly Environments ECHO Mentorship Program

Date(s) - October 4, 2023
4:00 am - 5:00 am

Gain the skills needed to lead, influence and implement age-friendly initiatives.
These sessions are biweekly and start with: The Age-Friendly Journey: An Introduction
Globally populations are ageing and increasingly in towns and cities rather than rural and remote areas. The experience of older age and the opportunities it affords are strongly influenced by the physical and social environments in which we are born, live, play, work and age. By creating supportive and inclusive places with the right policies and services, communities can create environments that empower older people to be and do what they have reason to value.
Key principles for creating age-friendly cities and communities around the world include the participation of older people, equity, intersectoral collaboration, life-course approach and multilevel governance. These will all be explored in the first session.
Learning objectives:
Participants will be able to:
  • Improve understanding of the importance of age-friendly environments in the context of a life-course approach to healthy ageing and in response to key megatrends – urbanization and demographic change
  • Understand the history and key features of the WHO Age-friendly Communities Framework and programme cycle
  • Understand what an age-friendly community can achieve.
Anatomy of an ECHO
The ECHO Model has been leveraged across many fields including education and social justice. There are more than 860 ECHO networks in 44 countries that have trained more than 148,000 learners from 30,000 organizations,
Project ECHO is a hub-and-spoke model which connects organizations (the “spokes”) with a group of experts (the “hub”). Drawing on a proven standard format and process for learning and building knowledge, during each AFE ECHO session a didactic lecture from a subject matter expert sets the specific context which is followed by a learner presenting a case to the other experts and learners for discussion and recommendations. Participants learn from one another as knowledge is tested and refined through a local lens.
This continuous loop of learning, mentoring and peer support is what makes AFE ECHO unique, with a long-lasting impact far beyond that of a webinar or an e-learning course.
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