A new tool for socially connected and resilient communities: the Healthy Social Environments Framework.

On-Demand Webinar, An Introduction to the Healthy Social Environments Framework.

As we continue to witness the impacts of COVID-19 on B.C. families and communities, we can see how important social relationships are to the success of public health measures. People who are socially disconnected are less likely to receive help from others, which could make a critical difference in times of crisis or emergency. In addition, those who are isolated have a 50% greater risk of dying early than those with strong social connections, which is the same impact as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Communities and health authorities are increasingly interested in understanding the role of social capital in promoting health and well-being.  

BCCDC is developing a new evidence-based framework to support socially connected and resilient community design. Following a two-year review study, we are now in the final stages of synthesizing over 2000 research associations and expert feedback, supporting relationships between social connectivity and 10 local area assets such as civic engagement, housing, transportation, food systems, natural environments, local economies, and recreation. Building on the concepts included in the Healthy Built Environment Toolkit, this resource will offer health-informed practice principles for local governments and other stakeholders looking for guidance on how to “build back better,” minimize unintended consequences, and work towards more equitable and sustainable communities.

The final framework will be released in Feb 2021; however, due to high-interest BCCDC and BC Healthy Communities partnered to present a “soft launch” webinar on December 1st,  to share Version 1 of the tool. Recording available here.

Version 1 Framework Materials

Healthy Social Environments Framework – Summary (Version 1, Dec 2020)

Healthy Social Environments Framework – Core Values (Version 1, December 2020)

Healthy Social Environments Framework – The Whole Story (Version 1, December 2020)

Healthy Social Environments Framework – FAQs (Version 1, December 2020)

To receive more information about the tool, or to stay up-to-date on upcoming presentations of the final framework, please contact Charito Gailling at charito.gailling@bccdc.ca

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