Aging Well (Program)

Aging Well is designed to help older adults and seniors think about their future. Resources are intended to empower British Columbians to be pro-active in maintaining their health and wellness, planning for future needs and accessing supports and services that will enable them to remain healthy and independent. Aging Well provides an online portal as well as face-to-face community engagement opportunities for communities.

 Aging Well allows older British Columbians to think about and plan for a healthy and independent future.

Aging Well has information, tools and videos to help older adults think about future needs in the areas of health and wellness, finances, housing, transportation and social connection – all the areas in life to look at so older adults can age well.

Aging Well Community Engagement

In addition to the Aging Well online component there is a face-to-face community engagement element, which is led by BC Healthy Communities Society (BCHC). The community engagement opportunities include workshops which aim to motivate older British Columbians to embrace the idea of planning and take action to prepare for their future through greater awareness of the importance of planning, tools to support planning and access to information, as well as resources and services to carry out their plans to age well.

Aging Well Resources

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To learn more about the community engagement activities contact:

Sarah Dyer, Community Well-being Specialist
T: (250) 590-7210

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Focus Areas: Age Friendly
Service Types: Community Engagement , Workshops, Webinars & Events , Facilitation & Consultation