COSCO BC Volunteer Facilitator Training (2012 - 2014) (Project)

BCHC is excited to be working with Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of British Columbia (COSCO BC) to provide regional training opportunities for "seniors helping seniors". Volunteers will learn to facilitate valuable health promotion workshops in their community on topics such as age-friendly communities and mature driver safety.

Health Promotion Workshops – Seniors Helping Seniors

COSCO has developed many health and safety promotion workshops that are available free of charge to any seniors' group all over BC. Each session lasts for approximately 90 minutes and a trained volunteer senior facilitator delivers the program. The workshops contain practical and useable information and are free of technical jargon. Participants are encouraged to make concrete plans to create a safe physical environment and to adopt strategies for healthy living. 

Who should become a COSCO Facilitator?

Adults 55 years and older who are interested in supporting educational opportunities for peers in their community and are:

  • Non-judgmental and open to new ideas
  • Responsible, respected and trustworthy
  • Committed towards helping others
  • Willing to listen, learn new skills and be a healthy role model 

What are the Benefits of Becoming a COSCO Facilitator?

  • Learn facilitation skills
  • Learn information you can use in your own life
  • Social interaction in your community

How do I become a COSCO Facilitator?

  1. Complete and submit the short application form so we can get to know you. 
  2. Participate in a personal telephone discussion to learn more about this opportunity.
  3. Attend facilitator-training session.

Links & Resources

Focus Areas: Age Friendly , Health Promotion & Chronic Disease Prevention , Healthy Families
Service Types: Workshops, Webinars & Events , Curriculum Development & Leadership Training