United Way of Greater Victoria Community Tables (Project)

"Residents at the Tillicum Table were really excited about the possibility of improving their communities- and many there shared strikingly similar visions for what changes could help make the neighborhood more cohesive and vibrant" 

(Lisa Willott Graduate Student Intern for Gorge-Tillicum, MA Candidate, Geography )

The United Way of Greater Victoria and BCHC worked together on the Community Tables project to create the space for cross-sectoral community conversations which result in identified strategies for taking action at the community level. 

During the table sessions an integral lens was used to help the groups create a vision for their neighbourhood, identify community assets and study challenges while paying attention to the tangible and intangible aspects of their community. 

In addition to monthly meetings a community survey process was used to gain insight from a broad range of residents and the inventory will be incorporated into the tabels community development process. 

Project Objective:

  • Gain more knowledge about the neighbourhood’s key assets, challenges and visions for change. 

Project Partners:


  • United Way of Greater Victoria (UWGV)

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Focus Areas: Social Connections & Resiliency , Sustainable Communities , Arts & Culture
Service Types: Community Engagement , Facilitation & Consultation , Community Planning Processes , Research & Evaluation