Living Life Fully: Youth Taking Charge of their Health and Wellness (2010 - 2012) (Project)

The Living Life Fully project is developed by youth for youth and is focused on promoting healthy choices and lifestyles for youth in the north. 

Local youth worked on a variety of projects including organizing a local baby food event for young parents, a healthy food film festival, developing signage about traditional plant uses, maintaining a community garden plot and the creation of a Local & Traditional Food Recipe booklet.

Through these projects, the youth indicated they learned about local and traditional foods and as a result they have come to the realization that it is important to buy and grow local foods because it is just so much easier, healthier and more affordable. 

Project Objectives:

  • Promoting the use of traditional and local foods and the multiple health, social, cultural and environmental benefits of local and traditional plants and foods.

Project Partners:


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Focus Areas: Youth , Health Promotion & Chronic Disease Prevention
Service Types: Research & Evaluation