City of Surrey: Youth Engagement for the City of Surrey (Project)

BCHC co-developed a staged training and implementation plan with the City of Surrey that used a range of innovative training and capacity building approaches (Reflection on Action and Innovation Labs) to build on the capacity of city staff for conducting effective youth engagement strategies.

Project Objectives:

  • Embrace the complexity of the kinds of youth interactions people face in their positions; 
  • Expand learning and understanding about integrating the youth engagement continuum; 
  • Define a youth engagement philosophy and framework that reflects local needs and realities in Surrey; 
  • Develop a team of practitioners that reflects workplace positions and come from a variety of locations across the City to provide content feedback, serve as a touch stone throughout the project, and provide insight and support for the project (including helping to devise case studies); and 
  • Incorporate reflection on action techniques and regular feedback and debriefing session designed to enhance the effectiveness of employees conducting youth engagement. 

Project Outcomes:

  • Stimulate systemic and cultural shifts related to recruitment, orientation, training, and performance of personnel who engage with youth; 
  • Create systemic impact throughout the City of Surrey; 
  • Open and reflective workplace where employees are empowered to learn and change their approaches based on new demands and directions; and 
  • Evaluative systems and standards for performance (using accreditation and developmental evaluation models).

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Focus Areas: Social Connections & Resiliency , Youth
Service Types: Community Engagement , Workshops, Webinars & Events , Curriculum Development & Leadership Training , Facilitation & Consultation , Research & Evaluation