Welcoming and Inclusive Communities and Workplaces (Project)

The primary goal of WICWP is to support the development of inclusive, welcoming and vibrant communities in British Columbia where immigrants can realize their full potential, racism is eliminated, and cultural diversity is valued and celebrated.

Project Description:

The WICWP Legacies project supported development of priorities based on a community strategic plan. They are:

1) To support the legacy of Immigrant and Newcomers Youth (INY) leadership.

We focused on continuing to support INY to find proactive, positive leadership opportunities to get engaged in the community (youth is defined as 11-18 years of age). We implemented these initiatives:

  • Beauty of the Beast –a “self-esteem” improvement plan directed at youth
  • TAG - Development and implementation of a Teen Advisory Group that works in partnership with Fraser Valley Regional Library on proactive, youth engagement activities.
  • Development of a multicultural addition to “Go Girls” - We worked with Big Brothers and Sisters, School District 34, West and Central Abbotsford Community Schools to implement Go Girls – a mentorship program for girls and piloted the addition of multicultural programming in three locations throughout Abbotsford. (See video below.)

2) “Develop Healthy, Resilient Youth Business Opportunities”.

We developed and established a multicultural business group that serves youth (ages 19-30) through a local chapter of Junior Chamber International. Junior Chamber International is focused on leadership training, local community contribution, business networking, fellowship, and local, provincial, national and international experience We have worked jointly on this development in partnership with local business leaders, The University of the Fraser Valley, and have been developing a growing community of interest.

Our efforts have focused on steady recruitment, development and learning opportunities. We have also focused on keeping young entrepreneurs in Abbotsford by getting them excited and passionate about the role they can play in their community. 

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Project Funders:

"Go Girls" Multicultural Program Video:

The Go Girls Multicultural Mentorship Program is a ten week mentorship program which focuses on girls and promotes active living, balanced eating and feeling good. Specifically, the project addresses the issues of physical activity, balanced eating and positive self-image for youth participants between the ages of 12 and 14 through mentoring relationships.

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Focus Areas: Social Connections & Resiliency , Youth
Service Types: Curriculum Development & Leadership Training