BC Housing Tenant Engagement on Sustainability (2012 - 2014) (Project)

"Let me re-iterate that the partnership with BC Healthy Communities has been extremely positive and provided the Tenant Engagement on Sustainability Pilot with more depth and breadth than any of us imagined. Your professionalism and experience in community engagement on sustainability has been top notch" 

(Staff representative, BC Housing)

As part of this tenant engagement strategy, BCHC utilized a community development and capacity building approach that situated behaviour change in the larger context of personal empowerment, social action and cultural understanding to achieve the objectives outlined below: 

Project Objectives:

  • Reduce energy consumption in Grandview Terrace and Hall Towers by meaningfully engaging tenants to take action on identified behaviours.
  • Support learning about energy conservation in the larger context of sustainable community economic development, including opportunities to bridge personal, social, economic and environmental goals. 
  • Increase tenant satisfaction by providing opportunities for learning, skills building and participation in the development and implementation of solutions. 
  • Enhance relationships between tenants by nurturing a sense of belonging and connectedness to others for a shared purpose. 
  • Develop best practices, tools and resources to inform wider implementation of tenant engagement strategies by BC Housing.
Project Partner and Funder:

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Focus Areas: Sustainable Communities , Health & Built Environment
Service Types: Workshops, Webinars & Events , Curriculum Development & Leadership Training , Facilitation & Consultation