BC Healthy Communities (BCHC) and Northern Health (NH) will be hosting their second webinar of 2016, the fifth year of 'Citizens Series’ webinars'. These two hour sessions invite dialogue from northern communities on specific topics that are critical to improving the health outcomes of northern people, recognizing that community and civic involvement is a cornerstone to healthy people and populations.

Citizen Series Webinar - Growing up Northern: Raising Healthy Children, Families and Communities

Engaging community members in the planning and development of healthier communities can be at once the most difficult and most rewarding thing to accomplish.

Join us for this session on the promises and perils of community engagement, practical tools, approaches and real-life examples from northern communities.


Dr. Samdra Allison - Chief Medical Health Officer, Northern Health
Theresa Healy, Ph. D.  - Lead for HCD - Community Engagement,  Northern Health

Stacy Barter - Learning and Community Engagement Specialist, BC Healthy Communities




Read "Growing up Northern: Raising Healthy Children, Families and Communities."  a Thinkpiece by Theresa Healy, Ph.D


More Resources coming soon.

Host Sites:

A “host site” is a location where you can participate in the webinar together as a group, and engage with others for in-person discussions about the webinar topic. These sites add value to your webinar viewing experience through networking and specific group discussions on the topic as it pertains directly to your community. 

For information on becoming a Citizen Series Host site click here


Contact Celeste at celeste@bchealthycommunities.ca for more infomration on this webinar.

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