CSI Webinar #4 'Healthy Schools: Learning Environments That Promote Lifelong Health'

@ Online Apr. 14th 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM FREE for Northern BC Residents

BC Healthy Communities (BCHC) and Northern Health (NH) are hosting their first year of ‘Citizens Series’ webinars. These two hour sessions invite dialogue from northern communities on specific topics that are critical to improving the health outcomes of northern people, recognizing that community and civic involvement is a cornerstone to healthy people and populations.'

Through this Webinar:

  • EXPLORE the role of schools in fostering health and well-being
  • CONSIDER how schools can contribute to building future citizens and leaders 
  • DISCOVER innovative practices in supporting comprehensive school health
  • LEARN from some of the leading thinkers and practitioners about their ideas on healthy schools, including case studies on:
    1. Comprehensive School Health – the Healthy Schools Movement in BC
    2. Farm to School -Improving Child Nutrition While Supporting Local Farmers.
    3. Brighter Smiles – Schools as a Hub for Health Promotion in BC and Uganda

Special Presenters:

  1. Sarah Lockman, Healthy Schools Initiatives Directorate of Agencies for School Health
  2. Joanne Bays, Farm to School: Redesigning The Systems That Feed Our Kids, Our Communities and Our Planet
  3. Dr. Andrew MacNab, BC/Uganda Brighter Smiles Project


Audio Recording:

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